About Us
NextMU was born from the passion for a classic: Mu Online. A game that marked an entire generation and that, with the passage of time, has seen its performance and quality decline. Lags, errors, hacks... an increasingly frustrating gaming experience for a community that remains alive and passionate.
We propose to recreate the essence of Mu Online, with an open source code that allows the community to participate in its development and improvement.

An ambitious project that seeks:
• Improve game performance and quality. To say goodbye to stuttering and be able to enjoy a fluid and error-free experience.
• Fight hacks. Implement security measures that guarantee clean and fair play for everyone.
• Give power back to the community. Allow the community to create new gaming experiences based on their own ideas by customizing the game to their liking.

NextMU is not just a video game development project, it is a movement that seeks to revive the passion for Mu Online and create a vibrant and active community. A space to share experiences, collaborate and enjoy this renewed classic together.
Will you join the adventure?